About Unity in Action Consulting, Inc.

“My path to Unity in Action Consulting has taken many interesting turns over the years, but always with a common theme of transformation. I used to dream of a career in dance and theatre, transforming myself on stage. But when reality set in and a passion for science and curious enquiry took over, I immersed myself in a career in molecular diagnostics, transforming the way we identify infectious and inherited conditions. This period introduced me to the importance of people in the process of change, that even something as seemingly simple as modifying how things are labelled is not just a process change, but more importantly a behaviour change. This inspired me to pursue an integrated approach to project management that embeds the critical role of the human experience in developing a strategy to achieve outcomes that benefit the individual, the team and the organization.

This theme of transformation has followed me throughout my personal and professional life, informing how I work with teams and clients through changes small and large. My goal is to accompany my clients through their own transformational journeys, building skills and capacities that will sustain you into the future. It’s about more than the vision, it’s about realizing those goals through effective planning and action. My goal is to be more than just another consultant – I want to build a relationship of trust and confidence that together, we will get it done.”

Owner, Principal Consultant

Unity in Action Consulting, Inc. Alana Bergstrome, Owner, Principal Consultant

Alana is an experienced transformational leader with a proven history of facilitating individual and organizational change. She has more than 20 years of project and people leadership managing small- to large-scale projects in private and public healthcare environments as well as software/game development, including complex P3 healthcare infrastructure projects.

Healthcare project deliverables have ranged from genetic testing market development, to strategic planning for tertiary perinatal program development across health authorities, to developing project and change management plans for clinical teams such as NICU, Pediatric and MHSU Emergencies and Pharmacy, physician services development, and clinical service delivery plans and transition/activation coordination for a children’s and women’s hospital redevelopment. Alana has used her experience to effect positive change for design and engineering teams in game development, developing balanced project plans in an Agile environment that resulted in improved on-time, on-budget deliverables with fewer programming bugs.

Alana is known for empowering others to achieve their goals and for accompanying individuals and teams through change, successfully applying Prosci change methodology to facilitate individual and organizational change during large and complex projects. She is a trained LEAN white belt who uses LEAN principles to manage and implement organizational process changes. She has training in Coaching out of the Box, Flawless Consulting, Clear Leadership and other tools to provide custom coaching and consulting services.

I have worked with Alana for the last two development cycles of the FIFA Franchise and she was more than a Development Director to the team including myself. As FIFA being the largest team in the company, the high complexity and constant moving parts always make our management side of tasks dynamic and challenging. Her insightful, goal-oriented and human-driven decision-making process has shined through my time with her at EA. I have observed a number of employees reaching their potential influenced by her leadership. She not only managed, but evolved the team by her amazing analytical mindset as well as the ability to stay connected with each team member on a deeper level. She was a leader that I am most proud of and privileged to have an opportunity to work with.

HAILEY YANG, Senior Product Designer at Sengled

I worked with Alana for a year and a half on the BC Children’s & Women’s Hospital Redevelopment Project. I reported directly to her in her role as Clinical Director. Alana is highly competent in leading a team and always willing to go the extra mile. She provided me with guidance and wisdom in both my professional and personal development. She empowers people to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. She cares about her work and her employees, and is very fair and patient. I very much enjoyed working with Alana.

REENA THOBANI RAJAN, BSc, MBA, Project Manager at BC Cancer Agency